Matt Buchanan is 20 years old, has lived at Wrightsville Beach for most of his child hood, and has been skimboarding since he was 10 years old. In August Matt won the 2015 Zap Amateur World Championship in the Mens Division.  He currently rides for the Pro-Am Zap Skim Board Team.  Matt earned the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts in 2013 and is a rising junior at UNCW. Matt has a passion for skimboarding that is easily recognizable and he can’t wait to share the fun of skimboarding with other people.


Will Buchanan is a Wrightsville Beach native and has been skimboarding for most of his life. He is head instructor and founder of N.C. Skim School. In 2014 Will won the 2014 Amateur Zap World Championship in the Sr. Mens Division.  His love and passion for skimboarding is what started this skimboarding school and he is eager to introduce this unique sport to others. He has been skimboarding, competitively, on the East and West Coast for the past 7 years. He will be attending UNC-Wilmington in 2016.